A Simple Guide to Eco-Friendly Paints

If you are thinking of updating the interior or exterior paint of your home, you should consider using eco-friendly paints. Eco-friendly paints are less toxic than regular paints and offer great splatter resistance. And surprisingly, these paints are still affordable.

What Does Eco-Friendly Mean?

Eco-friendly products are products that do not contain chemicals that are harmful to our environment. You can find eco-friendly options in many products like cleaners and even paint. If you are looking to protect the environment, only use paints that are NOT full of harmful chemicals. That way, you can breathe in clean air while also preserving the environment.

Top toxic paint ingredients to be aware of:

  • VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds – these chemicals evaporate at room temperature and could cause many health issues. This is why you want to look for low or zero VOC paint options. Health issues that can be caused by the paint going through the process of releasing gases, which could take a couple of weeks, include: nausea, dizziness, eye irritation, heart damage, lung damage, kidney damage and even cancer. Unfortunately, paints with VOC can contaminate indoor and outdoor areas. In fact, two-thirds of the VOC emissions recorded in California have been found to be caused by paint!
  • Pigments – usually the color of paint contains chemical pigments that are toxic. Try to look for all natural pigments in natural paint.
  • Fungicides & Biocides – toxic fungicides are used to prevent mildew from growing. Biocides are used to preserve the paint and extend the shelf live. These types of chemicals can linger in the air up to 5 years after application and can impact both indoor and outdoor areas. Like all paint, paints with these chemicals should be disposed of properly as these chemicals have the chance of getting into groundwater.

Things to look for:

First, always read the ingredients in the paint you are looking to purchase! You will be able to find many eco-friendly options at Lowe’s & Home Depot. Check the label and look for low or no VOC, low biocides and use only natural paints with natural pigments.


Latex paint has low biocide & VOC levels, making it a lot safer of an option than oil-based paints, especially for interior use!


We proudly use Sherwin Williams and other fine paints that offer eco-friendly options. We also use only the best tools and techniques for all residential and commercial jobs. East Valley Painters, serving Sun Lakes, Ahwatukee, Gilbert, Chandler, and east valley cities for the past 30 years.

When is it Time to Update the Paint on My Cabinets?

How do you know it is time to update your cabinets? From kitchen to bathroom to laundry room cabinets, you want them looking fresh. It might be time to evaluate your cabinets and update the paint. Luckily, the professional painters at East Valley Painters also specialize in making the paint on your cabinets shine again.

When it is time for a proper paint renovation of your cabinets?

– Older cabinets might still have vinyl, which was popular in the 1990s. The vinyl will start to peel, usually about 10 to 15 years after installation, as the adhesive starts to wear away. You will notice the vinyl coming up at the edges first. Hopefully, you will catch it before it gets too bad. When you notice this, it is the time to remove the vinyl and add a fresh coat of paint. Also, look for discolored vinyl as it turns yellow from sunlight and cooking.

– The overuse of cabinets is bound to happen, especially in the kitchen where cabinets are used the most. Sometimes cabinets lose their shine over time and often times cabinets will have chipped paint. This is a sign that it is time to refresh your cabinets paint.

– If your cabinets are not closing properly, it could be a sign of water damage, which is common, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Most cabinets are made of wood and water damage can cause dark spots on the paint. Try to take care of it right away so mold doesn’t spread.

– Of course you want your kitchen to stand out as it is considered the center piece of many homes. If you have recently remodeled your kitchen and add stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and elegant fixtures like a new sink and faucet, then it might be time to also update your cabinets. Cabinets can often be overlooked when remodeling the kitchen. Try to connect the look of your cabinets with your new stylish kitchen.

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Does the Quality of Paint and Brushes Really Matter?

We all know that the quality of service from your painting contractor can make or break your paint job. But does the qualityread more

What to Expect When Updating the Paint on Your Home’s Exterior

When updating the exterior paint of your home, it isn’t a spur of the moment project. Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a residential painter, you will need to do some planning and preparation. But if you are doing it yourself, you have more work in store for you. Here are some tips on how to plan it and how long you can expect the process to take.


The first thing to do is decide on the paint color! Are you looking to give your home a fresh coat of the same color? Or do you want something new? Look into the latest trends and talk with experts to help you decide on the right color. And of course, use only the highest quality paints and tools. Once you decide the color, you will be able to have your paint and supplies ready to start the process.


Once you are done planning the colors and have things ready, it is time to prep your home. Clean away any pollen, dirt, loose paint and extra debris with a pressure washer. This job should only take a few hours, but it will take about 1-2 days to dry. If you have wood siding, this will take longer to dry, more like around 3 days. To be on the safe side, always plan for a full day of prepping and about 1-2 days for drying.


Now, it is time to start adding that paint! If you apply the paint right and carefully, it should only take about 2 to 3 days to dry. Remember to start your project early in the morning when it is cooler out, especially if you are painting during the summer months. Also, always look at weather conditions to make sure that you are in the clear to avoid any unwanted painting disasters from mother nature. It might take an additional half of a day to remove any tape and clean up the supplies.

From start to finish, you are looking at about 5 to 7 days to complete the project. Luckily, high quality paint is expected to last about 8 years, especially in the state of Arizona. We may see some dust storms from time to time, but we do not usually see severe weather that damages the home’s exterior.


If this sounds like too big of a project to do yourself, hire the best house painter Gilbert has to offer! Contact East Valley Painters for a free estimate!


Choosing the Right Residential Painter

Looking to update the interior or exterior paint of your home? You may want to try to tackle the project yourself, but not all home improvement projects are DIY. When dealing with hiring any professional, there are certain things you want to look for, especially when hiring a residential painter.


You always want to work with a professional and licensed painter. A professionally trained painter will get the job done right and safely using only the highest quality paints and equipment that is also environmentally friendly. Any residential painter that is BBB accredited is also a plus. A trusting and professional painter should never be afraid to prove that they are licensed and insured being able to prove with the proper documents.

Fair & Timely

The right painter to work with will always provide an accurate estimate along with exceptional service. A fair painter will walk you through the entire process with no surprise fees at the end. Being reliable and on time are also qualities you want to look for. It makes a big difference when you are able to easily contact your painter. Not only do you want to work with a painter that offers a fair quote, but also one that offers a warranty, like East Valley Painter’s 10-year warranty.


The reputation of a painter says a lot. From reviews online to feedback from word of mouth, you always want to work with a painter that has a good reputation. Of course, the years in business will reflect their expertise. You should always do your research and find out the number of years in business, the type of training they have received, any awards and what their customers are saying about them. There is no rush and there is no problem with you doing your homework before hiring a residential painter.

If you are looking for a professional and trusting residential painter, contact East Valley Painters today for a free estimate!


Summer Tips: Updating Your Exterior Paint in the Heat

We have read many articles with helpful tips about painting the exterior of your home during the warm summer months. And since we live in Arizona, we are far too familiar with the heat. In fact, we are already seeing triple digits!

So, what should you do if you need to update your home’s exterior paint in the Arizona heat?


Just like with any paint job, preparation is key. Start by washing off and dirt and dust that is on the surface of the exterior of your home. Once that is clean, it is time to scrape off any old paint that is flaking and peeling off. This is best done by sanding the surface. After the surface is completely clean and ready, always use the primer of your choice. Primer is a must before applying any coat of paint.


There are different types of paint to choose from and you should always look at the paint performance properties like the color fade, gloss loss, adhesion and more that will play a factor in your choice. Certain paints work better on specific types of surfaces, but 100 percent acrylic paint works best on many different types of exterior surfaces.

Choosing the color is a crucial choice, especially living in sunny Arizona. Keep in mind that dark colors with end up absorbing more heat and energy. That is why lighter colors are more popular in Arizona. Lighter color paints reflect light, which helps with the durability of the paint film and might even be considered energy efficient since it absorbs much less energy than darker paint colors.

Weather Conditions

Before starting your exterior paint job, there are some weather conditions you need to take into consideration.

Especially on extremely warm days, start your paint job in the early morning. You want to try and not paint when it gets over 100 degrees, which isn’t always possible in Arizona. Also, avoid painting when the exterior is getting exposure to direct sunlight. This is another reason to start painting earlier in the day, the sunniest part of the day tends to be between 12-4 and could cause issues while painting. Windy and breezy conditions are never ideal for any paint job. So, when Arizona is experiencing their famous monsoons and haboobs, avoid updating your exterior’s paint.

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Painting Your Home: Prioritizing Rooms

Thinking of painting multiple rooms? It may not be as easy as you think. You will actually need to strategize and plan ahead for a smooth painting process. That means picking which rooms to paint first and which rooms to save for last. Check out this most effective room order for when you want to update the pain in multiple rooms throughout your home.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

You will want to paint your bedrooms and bathrooms first thing and get them out of the way. This is because you want your bathroom to be available for use and you want to be able to use your broom to sleep in and for a place to go to keep the paint fumes out when you’re painting the rest of your house.


The kitchen is another room you won’t want to paint first as well. This is because you don’t want your food like your fresh produce to go bad and you will still be able to use your kitchen. This means you will not be forced to eat out for days. The kitchen needs to be a room that is easily accessible like your bathrooms.

Living Room or Den

Since the living room or den is going to be one of the largest rooms to paint in your home, it will also be one of the most difficult and takes the longest to complete. You will want to cover your furniture or remove it out of the room completely. This can cause a mess, which is why having your bedroom done before hand is a good idea so you can use it to escape the mess and paint fumes.

Laundry Room

You are going to want to wait and paint your laundry room last. Make sure to wash all of your clothes first and never leave any clothes in the room while you are painting because you never want your clothes to smell like paint. This is another reason why having your bedroom done first will be helpful, so that you can keep your clothes in there while working on your laundry room.


If you are not choosing to use a safer paint option that cuts down on the paint fumes, you will want to light a candle or open your windows to air out the house and reduce the smell of paint.


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How Often Should I Update the Exterior Paint on My Home?

It is a question many of us dread to ask, when is it time to update my home’s exterior paint? It isn’t a black and white. There are actually several factors to consider.

Everyone wants a home that is up to date and a nice paint job shows a well-maintained home. First, always design a plan and make sure that a routine paint job is your budget before taking the plunge and making the commitment to repaint.

Did you know that different material requires different time frames?

If your home has wood siding, aluminum siding or stucco, try to update the paint about every 5 years.

If your home has cement fiberboard siding or painted brick, try to update the paint about every 15 years. Unpainted brick just needs to be cleaned regularly.

Factors that can impact your exterior paint


The climate of the area you are living in impacts the durability of the paint. For example, living near the coast will cause paint to be updated more frequently because of the sand and sun damage along with the constant salty air. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can degrade the chemical compounds in the paint. This is why the quality of the paint you use is also important and plays a role in the durability of your exterior’s paint.

Different Paint Types

Darker paints will lighten quickly, especially if they are oil based.

Fortunately, the more updated paint options are acrylic latex and happens to be more durable against all of mother nature’s elements. This paint will less likely blister, crack or even harden over the years.

Glossy and semi-glossy paints are also durable, but they might expose flaws more easily.

Not only is the quality of your paint important, but so is the quality of the painter and supplies used. Instead of stressing about doing the work yourself, it is a good investment to hire a residential painter to get the job done for you!

Signs you may need to update your home’s exterior paint

  • Any paint damage that includes paint that is faded, peeling, chalking or blistering.



Ready to update your home’s exterior paint? East Valley Painter’s is your premier residential painter that can provide you with a free estimate!


The Best Painting Tools for a Flawless Paint Job

It doesn’t matter if you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional residential painter, you always need to make sure that you are using only the best and top quality tools and supplies for a flawless paint application.

Clean surface

First, start with a clean surface, especially if the wall you are painting has any holes or cracks. Caulk might be needed, but keep in mind to never use any expired products. If you are planning to use sandpaper, always use the right grit for the surface.

Use the right tape for the project

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to painting tape. Make sure to get the right one for your project. Tape cane be used to protect certain elements from getting painted on, like the baseboard or where the wall meets the ceiling. If you plan on leaving tape up for a while, use the kind that states it can stay up longer. This will prevent the paint from dripping through the tape.

Prime prime prime!

Primer is always a must! It really does make the paint job look spectacular. Just like with tape, there are many options when it comes to primer, so make sure you are choosing the right one for the walls you are painting. If you have a previously painted wall with any grease or water stains, there are certain types of primer that are better for this job. If you are painting new drywall, choose a primer that seals! This means you must always read the labels on the primer to find the right one.

Rollers & brushes

Of course, using the right rollers and brushes is very important when applying painting. For painting a large surface area, a roller is perfect! You may even need to get an extension. But choosing the right fabric of cover for the roller is also important. Covers that are made of synthetic fibers are best to be used with water-based paint or latex paint. For a glossier look, use foam rollers. Brushes are great to use when needing to get in those hard places. To paint the trim, use a 2-inch brush. For painting walls, use a ½ inch brush. And most importantly, ALWAYS clean your brushes after each use!

Not sure you want to DIY? Looking for a residential painter? East Valley Painters always uses right tools and supplies!


Color Trends for Your 2018 Interior Design Plans

A new year brings new trends and a fresh new look to the interior design of your home. And in 2018, stunning colors are expected to fill your space with all of the right feels and styles. Color plays an important part in your décor and this year, make sure you are adding the right hues.

You may have already noticed that black is back in style. It has been growing in the recent year with no slowing down in sight. Especially since the color can be added practically to any bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Adding a few black accents throughout your home will add an elegant and edgy look to your space.

Residential PainterBerry hues like strawberry red, blueberry and raspberry pink are another way to give your interior design a facelift. The great thing about these colors is that you can go bold with more red tones or subtler with light shades of pink. These softer berry colors can add an extra feeling of warmth while still making a statement with your décor.

For a more sophisticated and calming look, go with shades of blue and green. These colors are known to infuse your area with mellow vibes and offer more of a cooling feeling. Plus, it is a great neutral and natural look for bedrooms.

Different shades of gray are going to be popping up even more this year. These tones can be used many different ways to enhance your interior décor with many options like a stony purple-gray shade or more of a cool blue-gray shade.

If you are looking for more of a warmer look for 2018, you can never go wrong with adding different beige tones to your interior design. These shades of neutral are a stunning compliment to any room in the home.

Wanting to go bold this year and hire a residential painter to add these colors to your walls? Contact East Valley Painters today for a free estimate!


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