Commercial Buildings: How to Maintain Freshly Painted Walls

Has your office just spiced up its commercial building’s interior walls with a fresh coat of paint? With so many people returning back to work, many businesses are updating the interior of their offices with newly painted walls.

Of course, you want to keep it looking fresh as long as possible. Luckily, we have some easy ways to help maintain the paint on the interior walls.

Get The Job Done Right

It all starts with getting the paint job done right from the start. For such a big task such as painting the interior walls of a commercial building, turn to the professionals. East Valley Painters has the experience and skill to get the paint job done right. We use only the highest-quality paint and the best painting techniques to protect walls from cracking and peeling.

Protect The Walls

Add extra protection to the walls once the paint job is complete. This means doing your best to prevent added damage to the paint and walls from things in the building, like door stoppers, which are known to scratch the paint right off walls.

Start by carefully arranging furniture so you can limit the amount of furniture up against the walls. If you are placing chairs or tables against the painted walls, add rubber or cloth buffers to prevent leaving any unwanted marks or scratching the paint off. Remember, the quality of the paint used is going to be the first layer of protection.

Keep The Walls Clean

It also helps to keep the walls of the building clean. Dust can actually lead to discoloration of the walls, so it is a good idea to not only dust the walls regularly but also get a professional cleaning done at least once a year.

Make sure to also dust any items hanging on the wall, too!

By using East Valley Painters to add a new coat of paint to keeping the walls clean, you can help extend the life of newly painted walls in your commercial building!

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Updating the Paint Without Impacting Your Business

There is going to be a time when your business may need to update the exterior or interior paint. Of course, you always want your business to look its best, so renovations are going to be expected every few years. So, how do you update the paint without having to close your business? Luckily, there are ways to do this without disrupting your operations!

Set-up Areas

Always make sure to set-up designated areas that are closed off for painting. This means roping off the areas that you are working on, so only work on one area at a time. This will help direct traffic and keep customers safe as well as keeping the area clean and avoiding any chaos, especially near the entrance.

Notify Your Customers

Before and during your renovation, always notify your customers! Do this by posting flyers and sending out emails. Make sure you give plenty of notice and let customers know how long you anticipate the renovation to last. Also, explain what they can expect and how this renovation will better the business. This should hopefully minimize any angry customers.

Work Around Your Hours

Be smart when it comes to working on your renovations. Take advantage of your slow times and try to do most of the work outside of regular business hours. This way, painting either the interior or exterior of your business will not impact employees doing their job or your customers. Painting can produce strong fumes, which can be an issues. In addition to these fumes, the noise and burden of all the equipment can get in the way.

Be Ready for Complaints

Even if you do everything right, there is going to be customers who will complain no matter. Be prepared for this and handle these complaints head on. Just be honest with your customers and apologize to them. Also, ensure that the new paint project will make things better. Let them know that their input is valuable and always take the time to listen.

Working with a Professional

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