How Often You Should Update The Paint On Your Interior Walls

Freshly painted interior walls add more than just value to your home

We paint the interior walls of our home to not only add value but create an appealing and up-to-date look. But after some time passes, the paint can get worn and fade. How often should you take the time and effort to update the paint on your interior walls?

Certain Factors Play a Role on Timing

Most professionals recommend the best time range to give an upgrade to the paint on your interior walls is every seven to ten years. There are some factors that play a role, where some areas in your home may need an update sooner.

When it is time for you to update the painted walls in your home, the professionals at East Valley Painters will find the most cost-effective way to get the job done.

High Traffic Areas

Some areas in your home may require a little more attention and may need to be updated more frequently or cared for more.

Certain areas or rooms in your home are prone to fingerprints, stains, and dents because they are used a lot more. The high-traffic areas are usually the hallways, bathrooms, and kitchens and will need to be redone every three to five years.

Paint on Interior walls

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Change of Décor

It is said that the average person changes their home’s décor every three to five years. That means the average person changes their home’s interior design, including the furniture and often times the paint on the walls. If you are changing your interior design a lot, some walls in your home, like accent walls, bathroom walls, or walls in your bedroom, might get repainted more often than others every three years or so.

Always Consider the Quality of Paint

When it comes to any paint job, the type of paint used should be taken into consideration. Even though most high-quality paint contains UV protection, it can only do so much good. After years of exposure to sunlight, painted walls will end up fading and need to be touched up every five to ten years.

Even when using professionals and the best of the best paint, most interior walls need to be repainted at least every decade.

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