Brighten Up Dark Areas Of Your Home With The Right Paint

Some areas of your home receive more light than others, leaving some areas, like the hallway and staircase, to appear very dark. Choosing the right paint color paired with the right lights can help brighten those dark spots!

Light Gray

Light grays with soft purple undertones can work wonders for your hallway. The key is to make sure you are pairing it with the right lighting such as high beamed recessed lights. When dealing with light gray shades, adequate lighting is key.

Creamy Beige

There are so many different variations of beiges that you can always find the perfect one! The best way to pick is to use samples. This way you can see how the shade will look in your hallway or staircase with the lighting you already have. Of course, you can always update your lighting, but if you are looking just to update the paint, this is the best option.

Sage Green

You will want to go for a pale sage green, with blue and green undertones. This color is great if you are going to be decorating the walls with wall art or photos. Not only is the shade inviting, but it can also really make a difference in a hallway with lights.

Pale Blue

Not only does pale blue work in hallways and staircases, it also works in bathrooms that receive little natural light. Again, you will need to make sure it is a lighter shade of blue, but it works really well in areas that tend to be dark. And again, pair it with the right lighting and it pops even more!

Helpful Tip: When choosing a paint color for a dark area of your home, pay attention to the LRV of the paint. This number represents how much light the paint color reflects or absorbs.

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Calli Varner
Calli Varner