Upgrading Your Home Office’s Paint

This year has brought on many changes to our everyday lives. Some of the biggest changes? The transition to working from home and even homeschooling.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to transform that perfect room into a home office, making it the number one spot to do work and to study.

The Charm is in the Paint Color

To design the ideal home office, take the time and pay attention to the details, like the paint color.

Colors do play a role in our mood. They can Improve productivity and brighten the room. Colors can also inspire and bring calmness. All of this can be achieved by painting the walls of your home office the right color.

So, what are the best colors to choose from?

Greens – Energizing & Peaceful

Consider using the color green on the walls of your home office. All shades of green from light to dark will do the trick!

Pale Green – lowers stress, energizes, and is a beautiful color that is easy to decorate with.

Olive Green – peaceful and great for homeschooling. The calming ambiance helps people stay focused.

Deep Dark Green – can either be satin or matte finish. The rich color pairs well with all types of lighting and adds a sense of balance.

Blues – Calming & Stimulating

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Blues are a wise choice for any room in your home, but especially your home office. The color stimulates your creative mind while keeping you calm.

Navy Blue – inspires and also helps with concentration. Promotes strength and is one of the most peaceful colors out there. Also pairs well with silver and chrome accents.

Light Blue/Gray – calming and light without having to be pure white. Add a touch of pale blue or gray to your walls to help stimulate your mind and help you stay focused.

Slate Blue – inspiring and motivating. The pleasant color makes people feel relaxed and tranquil.

Neutrals – Pure & Clean

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You can still go with a clean look without having to go with plain white walls. Instead, use all different types of neutrals, creams, grays, and beige. The options are endless and then you can have fun decorating with these shades!

Light Gray – crisp and peaceful. The perfect light shade for home offices that receive plenty of natural light.

Beige – a clean color that pairs well with black and tan décor. Simple shade to be able to mix with any theme and décor.

Cream White – Not pure white, but a creamy white, maybe even with a shimmer. Used as a nice backdrop that is fresh and bright.

Before picking the color to paint your home office, consider which color will be best to help you become more efficient and improve your focus. If you are unsure, start with just painting an accent wall!

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