When is it the Right Time to Update the Interior Paint of Your Home

You might be thinking it is time to upgrade your walls with some fresh paint. There are two options…tackle the task yourself or hire the professionals at East Valley Painters to get the job done!

Either way…how do you really know it is time to update your home’s interior walls?


Nothing lasts forever. In reality, you will most likely need to update the paint on your walls at least every 10 years. It really will depend on the room and how much traffic it gets. Some rooms are more popular than others such as the bathroom, whereas other rooms could get dirty easily, like the kitchen. Those rooms might need to be updated every 5 years.

The Paint

The biggest sign that you need to update your walls’ paint is the paint itself! Is the current paint job fading? This usually happens with darker colors and walls that are exposed to the sunlight. Or maybe there is noticeable wear and tear on your accent wall.

Low-quality paint also plays a factor. This type of paint will cause cracking or flaking, especially in extreme temperatures. Pretty much anytime your paint is damaged, it should be repaired or repainted as soon as possible.

Just Need a Change

Maybe you want to repaint your walls because you need a change! Updating your walls’ paint is a quick and easy way to remodel a room, even if it is just painting an accent wall.


If you decide to change the style and décor in your home, you will want to keep up with the look with a fresh coat of paint. There are times when you just want a new color on your walls.

Selling Your Home

Of course, if you are selling your home, you will most definitely want to update the walls in your home to make it more valuable. The benefits of doing this are well worth it. A freshly painted home is more presentable and will attract more people. Which means you will be able to sell your home quicker.

Hire a Professional

It isn’t always easy repainting the walls in your home. It takes time, the right supplies, high-quality paint, and more importantly…patience. Sometimes it is best to leave it up to the pros.

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