Prepping Your Business For a Paint Job

Tips and Tricks to get your business ready for a fresh paint job.

When it comes to your business making a first impression, appearance is everything. And it starts with your business’ paint job. If it is time to freshen up the paint on the interior walls of your business, we’ve put together a few things for you to keep in mind. In hopes of making the task less daunting and much more rewarding.

First Things First

Before you dig into any action physical labor, there are a few technical details to get squared away first.

Create a List

The best way to be prepared and organized for any project is to start with a list. A list that includes all the painting work that needs to be done and which areas you want to focus on most. Include notes like what you did or didn’t like about the previous paint job and how much you can spend on the project.

Look for Estimates

When you start shopping around for a professional painter, make sure to always get an estimate. At East Valley Painters, we always provide free estimates. After settling on the perfect company for the job, get on the schedule, so you are able to find the time that is right for both parties.

Put Together Your Color Palette

Many professional painting companies provide consulting services to help clients choose the right colors and type of paint for each project, be it residential or commercial. During the planning process, you might want to make a reference list. This list might include all of the walls and areas that need to be painted.

Time to Work

Once you have completed some needed office work, it is time to put in some physical labor before the painters make their way in.

Get Repairs Done Before Painters Come

If any areas of paint have failed beyond regular cleaning, scrapping, and hand sanding, ask the painter if any work must be done beforehand. In specific situations, such as extensive structural damage or rotten complex decorative fascia boards, hiring third-party contractors may be necessary to have proper repairs done. Most painting companies will have a list of references for you.

Discuss Health and Safety Issues

All professional painting companies have strict safety guidelines and procedures. The company representative will gladly provide details about licenses, insurance policies, warranties, training programs, and painting products. Most painting projects will require buildings to be cleared during painting hours. It will not be cohesive for your employees or the painters to share space during the process. This is why planning and prepping ahead of time is crucial

Ensure Interior and Exterior are Ready

Preparing your surroundings for exterior painting will speed up the entire project. A few things you can do before professional painters arrive on-site include trimming the back landscaping. Next, ensure that water fixtures are in good working condition if any power washing is required. Also, check exterior electrical power outlets, which may be needed for power tools, and designate a particular area where the painters can leave their tools and materials.

Although painters usually remove all the furniture and equipment in the painting area, you should take care of small and fragile items, such as electronic devices, pictures, and glassware, to prevent any damage. Additionally, make sure that all windows can be opened easily. Make sure there’s a clear and accessible path to the area and walls for you and the painters. It’s also always a brilliant idea to cover up any items in the nearby area as a precaution.

Is Your Business in Need of a Painting Upgrade? East Valley Painters Can Help!

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Calli Varner
Calli Varner