Tips to Prevent Your Home’s Paint From Fading

After taking the time and spending the money to paint your home, you must protect it, especially from fading! We see plenty of sunshine in Arizona, causing the paint to fade more quickly than usual. Luckily, we have some tips to help you keep your paint fresh! 

Fading paint can make your home look unattractive and old. Looking to sell your home? Your home needs to be in tip-top shape from the inside and out. Yes, the paint will fade overtime, but you can slow the process down.

The Quality of Paint

The quality of paint you use on the inside and outside of your home always matters. If you are trying to save a few bucks, using cheap paint is not worth it. You will end up needing to repaint more often as it will fade much quicker. For the best results, always use the best paint. And also, always use the right type of paint. There are different paints for different surfaces, so make sure to consult with us first.

The Color of Paint

Yes, the color of the paint will impact how fast it will fade. Since we see an abundance of sunshine and at times harsh dust storms with strong winds, the exterior paint of homes in Arizona can easily be damaged.  

However, using the right color of paint can be a quick fix. Stick to using browns and beiges for the exterior of your home. These colors fade slowly, where bright colors will fade much more quickly. Also, keep in mind that super dark colors absorb heat and can also fade faster, plus it is more noticeable. This is another reason to go with more neutral paint colors.

Using a Paint Company

When in doubt, always call on a painting company for help! At East Valley Painters, we can help you find the ideal color that will transform the entire look of your home.

We prep the surface correctly with the right primer and use only high-quality paint for an impeccable job. With the combination of the right paint, the right color, and the right technique, we can help your paint from fading.  

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Calli Varner
Calli Varner