Paint Colors For Kids’ Rooms At Any Age

With school back in session, now is the perfect time to refresh the pain in the kids’ rooms.

At East Valley Painters, we offer residential painting services, including the kids’ rooms in your home. Before diving in, keep in mind that certain colors evoke different emotions and a children’s room is often the go-to place for them to feel safe. So, choose wisely and pick colors that help embrace important emotions during certain ages.

The Baby’s Room

Baby rooms should give off warm and cozy feelings. Rooms are also best to be painted in simple and calm tones such as neutral colors like beige browns. These paint colors will also make it easy to decorate with additional soothing colors including pale yellows, light blues, and dull grays.

Toddler Rooms

As your child grows and changes, so does the color of their room. The best paint colors for toddler’s rooms should represent organization and enhance communication, socialization, and confidence. This can be achieved with bright and cheerful colors. Just be careful, because too many of these colors can cause irritability. It is wise to pair it with neutrals and creams.

School Age Kids’ Rooms

Red shades are great paint colors for school-age kids’ rooms because these tones are energizing, which is great for these ages. Reds also help kids focus. This shade is a stimulating color, so a little goes a long way. Yes, too much can trigger aggression, so keep that in mind.

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Preteen Rooms

Upbeat colors like yellow help with memory and concentration. But shades of yellow have also been known to cause issues of going to bed and calming down nerves. So, pair yellows with shades of gray and blues.

Teen Rooms

This is the time to use shades of purple. The color purple provokes thoughtfulness and sensitivity along with spirituality. All of these things are helpful during those teenage years. Plus,  purple helps us slow down during hectic times.

Bonus: Murals are great for all ages. Yes, they do take extra time and effort. But if you can find the right artist. Think of murals as an opportunity to bring your child’s imagination to life. A jungle-themed mural is ideal for preteens. Where murals of the stars and night sky are beautiful for younger kids.

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Calli Varner
Calli Varner