Top 5 Spring Home Improvement Tips and Ideas

Spring is a great time to catch up on some of those bigger projects around the house

And now that you’ve got the energy of a newly awakened bear, you can finally get to all of them! Well, knocking out at least one or two would be considered highly successful and productive. We’ll boil it down to the top 5 spring home improvement ideas and tips. These are the “best bang for your buck” (or your back) spring projects that have a big impact around the neighborhood.

1.) Trim the Trees

If you live in a warm climate, trimming the trees before spring is in full swing can really save you a lot of time, money, and potential headache down the road. It’s also a great way to make sure your trees maintain their shape, and continue to grow as you’ve intended them to. Trimming the trees is noticeable, and is a great way to have a lasting (at least for the season) upgraded look to your home and property.

2.) Clean Out That Garage

Oh, this one only got worse after Christmas didn’t it…For many of us, we’re fortunate to have stuff to clean out. We also might decide to use our stored up energy to not only clean and organize, but actually get rid of stuff we haven’t used in some time. There’s a rule that says is you haven’t used it in a certain number of years, you can feel ok getting rid of it. I’m still not sure what that number is but go with your gut. If you’re not sure, make two big piles. One for the yard sale, and one for charity. This is a win-win exercise for everyone and heck, maybe Mom will get to park her car in the garage again now.

3.) Clean Out The Gutters

We’re not talking about getting Uncle Pete to straighten out his life and get off Grandma’s couch for the umpteenth time. We’re talking about those gutters that fill up with leaves and debris, and can clog your roof drain ways. The last thing you want is roof damage, or extra critters taking up residence so it’s best to knock this one out, preferably on a sunny day. You don’t get as much visual style points for this one, but at least you get to play with the hose and get a good stair-climber workout in the process.

4.) Plant A Garden

It doesn’t have to be a big one. There are lots of small sized gardens you can put together with relative ease. Maybe start with just an herb garden and if you have the stamina to stay on top of that…then do more. Or if you have bigger ambitions, this is a great time to finally get that garden in order. Most folks these days want an edible garden so you’ve got some good, organic treats that make it all worth it. This is a low-cost, high-return project that can be rewarding in many ways.

5.) Get a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the most noticeable improvement projects is applying a fresh coat of paint to your house. Harsh winters and the transition to spring can really feel like your house put the aging process on fast forward. If you notice some extra wear and tear that wasn’t there in the fall often times you can just touch them up. But depending on what type of exterior paint you used previously and how faded the current coat is, you might be better served to paint the whole exterior.  If you need a hand, or find you burned through all that stored winter energy too quickly, we’re always here as your go to residential painter for all of your painting needs. Click here for house painting service.

Create Your List

Now that you’ve got a full list, you just need to decide which one (or ones you’re ready to take on). Heck, maybe you’re thinking this is child’s play (Only 5???), but life has a funny way of getting in the way sometimes so if you get just one done, at least it’ll be something for all the neighbors to take notice of. Happy home and living in 2017.