Accent Walls Making a Statement With More Than Just Interior Paint

Accent walls can make a statement in your home by using more than just interior paint.

When you think of accent walls, normally it is just a painted interior wall. But accent walls can be so much more than that. They can add a statement to your home’s interior with more than a coat of paint, we explore how.

Elegant Accent Walls

Instead of using a deep dark interior paint color for an elegant look in your home, change up an accent wall with mirrors. We aren’t talking about using one or two mirrors, for that luxurious look, cover an entire wall with mirrors of all shapes, sizes, and even different types of borders. Believe it or not, this look isn’t just for bathrooms. When done in a room with just the right lighting, the wall glistens perfectly.

Dramatic Accent Walls

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For a more powerful accent wall, similar to the effect of a bright interior paint color, create an accent wall made of stone or wood. For example, dark wood paneling on walls is a hot trend in 2024. This gives a rugged-rustic look and can easily transform any room from traditional to modern. When it comes to walls with stones, think backsplash. Yes, you can do just a section of a wall. Or you can choose other types of stones or pebbles to create an entire wall for a completely different accent wall.

Other Accent Walls

A brick wall is another charming option, if you are looking to add character around a fireplace,  You can choose to do a portion of the wall or an entire wall of brick. If you have a scenic view from a room in your home, this is an ideal opportunity to include a window n or several windows on a wall to create an accent wall with scenic views of your own views of nature.


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Calli Varner
Calli Varner