Tips to Cleaning & Maintaining New Painted Walls

Once the workers have finished their masterpieces and the paint has dried, it is time to start cleaning and maintaining your walls.

After taking the time to find the right professional painting company and spending the money on a new coat of paint, you want to ensure you are cleaning and maintaining your newly painted walls properly.

The Basics

First things first, before washing any walls, you need to dust them prior. Next, knowing what NOT to do is just as important as knowing what TO do.

Important things NOT to do when cleaning your walls:

  • Never use a paper or fabric product such as a rag or paper towel to clean painted walls
  • Never clean RIGHT after a paint job. Giver proper time for the paint to dry
  • Never use commercial cleaners as they damage the paint finish

Important things TO do when cleaning your walls:

  • Use a sponge such as an all-purpose polyester sponge to clean painted walls
  • Use mild dishwashing soap with water on the sponge to gently clean the walls
  • Wait at least 21 days after a paint job to start cleaning the walls

Types of Paint

The type of paint used does matter regarding the cleaning technique used. Remember you always want to be gentle when cleaning to prevent any damage, but some paints are more durable such as semi-gloss and gloss paints.

Less durable paints like eggshell and satin finishes need to be cleaned with extra care. Don’t scrub too hard and also, the sponge should be almost dry when using it.

Oil paints are more durable compared to latex paints. So, you can mix in a little vinegar with soap to clean oil-based paints to help remove any stains. As for latex-based paints, stick to just soap and water.

How Often Should You Clean?

The frequency of when you clean your painted walls determines where the walls are located and how much traffic they see. Some areas will need to be cleaned more often such as the bathrooms, kitchen, and hallways.

When using high-quality paint, less maintenance is required and walls are easier to clean. A professional painter will know just what paint to use on what walls. Just another benefit of using a professional painting company.

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