DIY: The Spring Paint Repair Checklist

Spring has sprung and now is the time to repair the paint in your home or work on those painting projects you have been putting off.

Of course, we are here to help you with any interior and exterior paint projects, but if you are looking to do the job yourself, we have a guide to help you get the job done right.

Be Prepared with the Right Measurements

First things first, always measure the space you are looking to paint. Once you have chosen the color you want, use a handy paint calculator to determine just how much paint you will need. Remember, you want to have too much paint than not enough. The extra paint can always be carefully stored and be used for touch-ups in the future.

Shop for the Right Supplies

Before you dive into your painting project, make sure you head to your local paint store to pick up the proper supplies. If you are unsure which product to purchase, don’t be afraid to ask!

Shopping List

– Primer

– Paint (remember to use your calculations to get enough!)

– Paint stir sticks

– Paint rollers & paint brushes (size will be determined by the size of your project)

– Paint trays

– Painters tape

– Drop cloths & rags

Prepare Your Painting Area

Now you are ready to prepare the area for the paint job! Cover floors and furniture with plastic or sheets to protect them from being damaged. Tape off any borders and have all of your paint, rollers, and brushes ready.

Getting the Job Done

Once you have all of your supplies and you set-up your paint area, you can start painting!

Apply the primer and wait about three hours. Then, apply your first coat of paint. Once this coat is dried on furniture or décor, then you can start your second coat. If you are painting walls, you will want to wait about 12 hours between coats.

Finally, examine your paint job and apply any touch-ups then enjoy your masterpiece!

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